FLAGSHIP armchair

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FLAGSHIP is a new take on the classic genre of armchair. The seat shell embraces gently the body providing sufficient support for the lumbar region, arms can be rested on a delicate lift at a perfect height, and the curved edges on the seat pan as well as on the back follow softly the lines of the thighs and back without cutting into them. The armrest and backrest form an inherent unity with the upholstery which conforms seamlessly to the composition.
A wealth of possibilities is at disposal when it comes to stylistic preferences – bases, legs and shells are freely able to be combined as the joints of each parts are compatible with each other. FLAGSHIP is well suited to small, cosy milieu as well as to offices or restaurants thanks to its warm, welcoming delicacy.


Size: 525 × 600 × 760 mm (L×W×H)
Seat height: 450 mm
Seat width: 400 mm
Seat depth: 425 mm
Weight: 6.8 kg



Meet the designer

András Kerékgyártó

András Kerékgyártó

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