The ideal home office

The ideal home office
While social activities were realized in several locations, our immediate living environment now involves our home (first place), our workplace (second place) and the so-called third place which is normally a public place where we can participate in regular community programs such as libraries, museums, cinemas, etc. This new situation poses a great challenge to people. Many aspects need to be considered in order to maintain our mental, spiritual and physical balance despite the changed circumstances.

Practicality and long product lifecycle

In the case of a small flat, the possibility of dynamic transformation of spaces can provide a great solution. During the daytime, the home office plays a primordial role which can be replaced by playing LEGO with the kids or relaxing yoga on the mat. Besides the importance of versatility, the resistance of the object should be considered as well. The long product lifecycle ensures that the given table or chair withstands the everyday wear and tear, so they become a platform for family experiences for many generations.

When it comes to a large investment with a long-term commitment (such as purchasing a home office package which includes a table and a chair), it is worth examining the broader context in addition to individual aspects. Consumption trends in recent years have shown that purchasing local products and choosing manufacturers or firms using raw materials found in the region might be a considerable step towards a more sustainable world. Following the harm principle which indicates that our actions shall not cause any harm to others, we are able to transform our consumption habits with a little attention, while protecting our beloved environment.

Home office set à la Plydesign

The sudden curfew restrictions made people’s creative juice flow – this period has proved that any object entails the potential of being transformed into an office table. The ironing board was a rising star in this field which showed us the need for an adaptable office environment in our home. This fall, we are able to better prepare for the potential curfew restrictions by planning an ideal home office – Plydesign would like to help in the complex system of choosing the right furniture by presenting its products.
MOTHERSHIP tilting table adapts to the contemporary lifestyle which involves dynamic changing of settings in an interior or moving frequently. The tilting base allows public spaces to transform a place in an efficient way and to store a large number of desks without a problem. FLAGSHIP is a new take on the classic genre of the armchair. The seat shell embraces gently the body providing sufficient support for the lumbar region, arms can be rested on a delicate lift at a perfect height, and the curved edges on the seat pan as well as on the back follow softly the lines of the thighs and back without cutting into them. The armrest and backrest form an inherent unity with the upholstery which conforms seamlessly to the composition.

Plydesign would like to provide a point of reference in the labyrinth of criteria when it comes to select a piece of furniture. Our transparent operation and furniture certifications guarantee an established choice for end-users. All of our products have gained adequate stability, safety and surface resistance certificates, in addition, we use raw materials originating only from local FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources. The chairs and tables come flat packed and easily assembled, in order to minimize the volume of the box and lower the ecological footprint. Due to the smart design, the set-up of chairs and tables does not consume much time and nerve by following the manual included in the package.