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Minimalist, yet outspoken - the addition of a calming nature to your home and office. Ceiling-suspended, industrial yet  green-appearing, clear light, from a thermoformed acrylic hemispherical body shape. The inner surface of the lamp is lined with preserved moss, which gives the user a pleasant, near-natural feeling, contributing to an ergonomic space. 
Farmosa 3.6
Ø360x180 mm (D × H)
Maximum hanging length: 3180 mm
Weight: 2 kg

Farmosa 5.0
Ø500x250 mm (D × H)
Maximum hanging length: 3250 mm
Weight: 3 kg

Farmosa 8.0
Ø800x400 mm (D × H)
Maximum hanging length: 4400 mm
Weight: 5 kg

Farmosa 11.0
Ø1100x500 mm (D × H)
Maximum hanging length: 4550 mm
Weight: 8 kg


Meet the designer

Ramón Nieto

Ramón Nieto

Ramón Nieto, the founder and owner of Nieto Light, believes in perfection - products made in Hungary are hand-assembled and made exclusively from high-quality components. In addition to the latest technologies, Nieto Light works exclusively with LED lamps in collaboration with the industry's leading manufacturers.

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