CADET tissue dispenser

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Nowadays, tissue boxes are entirely made of paper which is highly praiseworthy in terms of sustainability and recycling. The CADET dispenser prevents the tissue box from any unfortunate spillage and soaking as the plywood body embraces it, and the metal retaining bracket keeps it above the tabletop. Compared to peer tissue dispensers, CADET offers a more comfortable use due to the slantwise position of the aperture. The curvey shape of CADET tissue dispenser makes a cohesive look with the other members of the WAVE collection.


Size: 252 × 243 × 164 mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 1 kg



Meet the designer

Anna Kovács

Anna Kovács

Anna Kovács is a versatile junior designer who graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design with a Master of design in 2021. During the design process, her main goal was to give a timeless, aesthetic appeal to our everyday objects and to create a natural atmosphere in interiors with wooden elements. The WAVE collection paper holder family she designed is a embodiment of Anna's precise, analytical and complex thinking. Her bold choice of themes and the sophisticated design of quotidian objects suggest that she will come up with many more niche works in the future.

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