WAVE collection – nouvelle vague in the genre of plywood design

WAVE collection – nouvelle vague in the genre of plywood design
After examining the national and international market for tissue and toilet paper holders, finding an object that meets as many design criteria as possible is hardly possible. Typically made of concrete, metal and plastic, they do not fully meet expectations and do not entirely fulfil their mission in terms of quality, function and aesthetics.

Anna Kovács, the junior designer at Plydesign, has exploited the idiosyncrasies of plywood technology to design the latest collection of Plydesign to serve our everyday needs. The flexible nature of the material allows the creation of soft and curvy bodies that organically blend in an interior, promising no more than their essence.

The WAVE collection offers niche solutions that greatly enhance the comfort level of everyday life. With the PILOT kitchen roll holder with a tablet stand, you no longer need to look for physical support for your smartphone or tablet on the kitchen counter to follow the recipe. At the same time, it offers a paper towel within arm's reach, so you don't have to smear the screen while scrolling. The CAPTAIN toilet roll holder family provides discreet and efficient storage - there is no need to set up a separate shelf in the room for wet wipes or toiletries you want to hide away. In addition, you can even place charming scented ornaments or other decorative items on the horizontal surface of the holder. The dispensing slot of the CADET tissue holder is arranged in a slantwise arc, making it even easier to take a tissue.

Discover the unique pieces of the WAVE collection, choose the colour combination that suits you best and get them for your home!