MOTHERSHIP dining table

Dining tables


The MOTHERSHIP dining table promotes nothing more than what it offers: simple tenacity and sublime hospitality. MOTHERSHIP displays openly the beauty and character of wood abstaining from any ornament which would distract the attention. Standing alone, or wrapped around by seated people, MOTHERSHIP remains a calming reference point in space, whether it is about connecting family and friends during lively dinners, unpacking groceries, or picking up your unfinished book or magazine. Due to its minimalistic design, MOTHERSHIP dining table works perfectly in most interior styles. To enhance ambience and accentuate on maximum comfort,

To enhance ambience and accentuate on maximum comfort, FLAGSHIP armchairs are recommended for larger type of MOTHERSHIP dining table (1600×900).

1200 × 700 × 750 mm (H×Sz×M)
Weight: 21 kg

Közepes étkezőasztal:
1600 × 900 × 750 mm (H×Sz×M)
Weight: 28,3 kg

Nagy étkezőasztal:
1800 × 900 × 750 mm (H×Sz×M)
Súly: 30,5 kg


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