SUBMARINE nesting coffee table set

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Nesting coffee table set

A coffee table plays an essential role in the living room — a display for our art albums, candles, or treasured ceramic bowl filled with flavoury fruits. SUBMARINE with round or oval tabletop becomes a partner to the sofa or even to a FLAGSHIP armchair where we spend a cosy afternoon with our readings and a cup of tea at arm’s length.

The SUBMARINE 2—piece coffee table set provides a space-saving solution as the small table can slide under the other. By nesting the small table underneath the larger one, there is a possibility to expand the surface at our disposal. The minimalistic and sleek design combined with the warmth of wood welcomes guests in an enticing and alluring way in any living room.


Small table
Ø600 × 360 mm (D×H)
Weight: 5 kg

Large table size:
Ø800 × 430 mm (D×H)
Weight: 9,1 kg